Imagine a fast and friendly service that engages with you, is adapted to fit around you and ensures that your requirements are taken care of swiftly and professionally. PT-Print provides printing and transfer facilities for you. You can buy high quality, good value garments directly from us, or bring in your own for us to use. Because we have four different ways of getting your design on a t-shirt or garment, we’re confident that we will find the right solution for you. Please call 0118 207 7787 or email info@ptprint.co.uk for prices and more details.

Based in Wokingham, Berkshire, PT-Print provides a professional, reliable and high quality t-shirt and garment printing service to companies, schools, clubs and sports teams as well as individuals both locally and nationally.

We have over 30 years experience printing onto a wide range of garments including t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, hi-viz jackets, corporate clothing, workwear and many more. We can supply one-off specials or large quantities, according to your requirements, using the latest transfer technology or traditional screen printing.

For a really fast, hassle free personalised t-shirt and hoodie printing service, visit our eBay shop and receive free delivery! We have a large selection of men’s t-shirts, ladies t-shirts, men’s hoodies, ladies hoodies, all available for you to personalise! Send us a message including what you’d like printed, we’ll do the rest and send it to you for free!

Our ethos is simple:

To be tuned in to your needs and produce a top quality product on time, every time. Because you deserve a fast and professional service, we are always up-front and honest with pricing and delivery times.

Our Most Popular T-shirt & Garment Printing Methods:

Screen Printing

From as little as £1 per print and 50p for every additional colour, screen printing is cheaper than you might think. It’s the process of pushing plastisol ink through a silk screen and onto a t-shirt which is then cured in a dryer. This is our favourite method. The results are quite simply, unbeatable. No digital image printer can beat traditional screen printing, in terms of finished result. Your colours are bright, you receive a very high quality finish and feel to the t-shirt and to make it even better, it’s cost effective. Providing a high volume of t-shirts, you pay far less per garment than with any of our other methods. Our minimum order value is £50 inc VAT. We also keep your design/s on screens for up to 6 months, so order the same designs again within that time and we will only charge you for the garments and/or printing. This method is cost effective if you require large quantities. Our turnaround will be 3-4 working days (possibly longer depending on the complexity of your design and how many colours you require).


Depending on your design, we may choose to use dedicated t-shirt vinyl. This process requires artwork alteration to ensure that our vinyl cutter can understand the design, then we cut the design out of the vinyl and apply the design to the t-shirt/garment using a heat press. We then apply a second and final press to ensure that the vinyl is incorporated into the fibres of the t-shirt giving a very durable finish, and a crisp, bold and professional look. Football/rugby shirts, names/numbers and complicated one-offs are all possible using vinyl. From 75p/10cm

Printed Heat Transfers

We can print anything from your photographs to your logo onto our special transfer paper. We have two types of transfer paper; ‘T-One’ for white and light grey garments, and ‘WOW’ paper for bold or deep coloured or black garments. We can transfer straight onto dark coloured and black garments because our printer uses white ink to get bright whites and strong colours to show up on black garments. We can print any number of t-shirts and if you feel like you might need to return for more garments at a later date, we can print off more than you need and store them for up to 6 months, thus avoiding more artwork charges. From £1.75/sheet

Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

In almost the exact same way your printer at home prints onto paper, our DTG machine prints onto your t-shirt. Secured on a platen, the garment is taken through the machine where a white image is printed directly onto it, then it goes through once more for a final layer of colour. In a few minutes, we have a t-shirt with a bright, digitally printed image on it. Perfect for small, detailed and complex designs, especially helpful if a fast turnaround is needed. From £4.99 each inc VAT